What's a House Without a Floor?What's a House Without a Floor?

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What's a House Without a Floor?

What good would a house be without a floor? Years ago, homes did have dirt floors, and that's almost like having no floor at all. However, people quickly moved forward and started putting other floors in homes as soon as they were able. We think that advancement speaks for itself and explains that flooring is really important. Some people like vinyl. Some people like hardwood. But these people would all agree that a home really needs a floor. If you also agree — and you should — then we invite you to read on this blog. Every article is related to flooring in some way.



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Reasons Your Business Should Consider Epoxy Flooring

For commercial spaces, it is necessary to prioritize functionality when making major decisions about the building. This is also the case when it comes to the flooring for these facilities, and in this regard, epoxy options can offer businesses several advantages over other styles of flooring. 

Epoxy Flooring Can Provide A Very Smooth Surface

The floors in your business will need to be smooth. If there are uneven areas, it could lead to individuals tripping while they are walking through the facility, or equipment that is on wheels may be difficult to move throughout the building. Epoxy will typically avoid these problems as it will have a very smooth and level surface. In contrast, tile and wood flooring can develop humps in it that may cause individuals to trip or it may even trap the wheels of equipment that is attempting to be moved over it.

Epoxy Flooring Is Less Prone To Cracking And Chipping

Cracking and chipping can be major flooring problems for commercial buildings as these damages can occur when items are dropped on the floors. When with tile flooring, any chips or cracks need to be repaired to stop them from growing in size. Epoxy flooring is extremely capable of absorbing impacts from falling items. This can allow for the flooring to be kept safe from this type of accidental damage. In some cases, extremely sharp items may be able to scratch or cut the surface of the epoxy flooring, but there are patching kits that can make it a simple process to close these damaged portions of the flooring.

Epoxy Flooring Is Highly Compatible With Line Marking

Commercial facilities will often rely on line marking to make the interior of the building easier to navigate and organize. In some cases, these markings may also be done to reduce the threat of safety hazards leading to accidents. Epoxy flooring can be well-suited for line markings as it can be possible to apply these markings before the epoxy is applied. By using a clear epoxy coating, the markings can still be visible, but they will have the added protection of having a layer of epoxy over them. Not surprisingly, line markings that are coated with epoxy will last until the epoxy flooring needs to be replaced, and this will generally be up to a decade or longer. Due to the permanence of these markings, you should carefully plan for where these markings will be located and the type of markings that you want as it can be difficult to alter them in the future.